Make Your Wedding Memories Part of Your Home

Make Your Wedding Memories Part of Your Home

August and September are traditionally the peak wedding months of the year here in the UK. If you were one of the thousands who had your nuptials over the summer or during early autumn, chances are you are now back from your honeymoon with plenty of gorgeous photographs of the Big Day and memories of your trip away to treasure.

Selecting your best photos to put on display is an obvious way to incorporate wedding memories into your home, but why stop there? With so much money and effort spent on your special occasion, why not use elements of your wedding elsewhere in your home? Today we’re looking at different ways you can incorporate your wedding memories into your home’s interior styling. Let’s take a look…

DIY Décor-ate

According to research by Confetti, 49% of couples now make their own decorations. If you’re one of the dedicated bunch of brides and grooms who spend the run up to their wedding sewing bunting, making paper lanterns or folding hundreds of brightly-coloured paper cranes, don’t let all that effort go to waste! Many newlyweds choose to make some cash by selling wedding decorations in bundles on eBay and Facebook, but could they find a spot in your home instead? For example, you could make your downstairs toilet space a little more magical with its own hanging bird or lantern installation.

Don’t forget all the table decorations either. If you decorated jars or bought matching vases, be sure to keep one for putting those anniversary flowers on display. Got a napkin from the tables or a personalised table runner? Consider turning it into a wall hanging, creating squares for a baby blanket or use it to make a cushion or pillow case.

Go Beyond the Gallery Wall

If you’ve already had your wedding photographs back from your photographer, you may be itching to get them out on display, but don’t feel like it’s something you have to hurry. Once you’ve fully reviewed the photographs, you may decide that rather than sticking to a classic gallery wall sweeping up the stairs that you’d prefer to have a mix of framed photographs and canvas prints dotted around the home.

You needn’t stick to displaying simple photographs either. A mini canvas print of your vows can be popped on your bedside table and a copy of your wedding breakfast menu can look great in the kitchen. Were you one of the 56% if couples who Confetti identified as making their own wedding stationery? A two-sided invitation can be displayed in a magnetic frame or hung on a ribbon at a safe distance from sticky toddler hands and fingers. Alternatively, why not make a memories shadow box or montage with other items like place cards and spare favours?

As for your wedding outfit – things like veils, headpieces, shoes, ties and cufflinks go such a long way to telling the story of your day when placed on display. Some brides even choose to have their wedding dresses hung in glass cases – after all, they’re often true works of art.

Give your Guest Room Vacay-Vibes

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare guest bedroom it can be a great place to bring a sense of your honeymoon into your home. Art collected from your travels such as vases, rugs or paintings can help to trigger treasured memories. Channelling sunny shores or the cityscapes of your honeymoon destination can also give you a colour palette to work from. Think greys and blues of city sky lines or a nautically-inspired space. Both can help to set a nice relaxed feel that’s perfect for putting guests at ease. Plus, you can use some of your honeymoon photographs to bring the room together. Not heading on honeymoon just yet? You could equally have fun creating a colourful party-inspired space that’s brightened up with some of the aforementioned DIY décor. Did you have a wedding full of pretty pastels and bunting? Give your guest room a new lease of life by re-using your favourite wedding accessories.

What elements of your wedding day would you love to incorporate into your interior décor? Do you have your wedding colours on the walls of your bedroom or some of your DIY decorations out on display? Have you ever been tempted to hang your dress up where you can see it or do you have it safely stored away somewhere? Did you sell your dress after the wedding and use the money to decorate your home?