Styling an En Suite With a Truly Personal Feel

Styling an En Suite With a Truly Personal Feel

The en-suite is a very common feature of modern built homes. So much so, it’s almost hard to imagine a time when simply having running water or an indoor lavatory was considered the height of luxury. However, despite the convenience that en suite bathrooms undoubtedly offer, many of them are overlooked and under-appreciated. Some are styled as little more than shower rooms. Be honest: is your en suite in need of some TLC? Is it somewhere you leave your toothbrush and grab a quick five-minute shower every morning?

According to Houzz’s 2017 bathroom trends survey, when renovating bathrooms, 55% of homeowners prioritise designing a room that reflects who they are. Is this true of your en suite space? If you’d like to spruce up your en suite a little, we’re sharing some ideas today on how to give your personal grooming space a more welcoming ‘at home’ feel.

Set Your Ambience

It’s so easy for an en suite to become neglected. Homeowners recognise the condition of the main bathroom has on the potential resale value of their home. They will therefore invest time and money to create the perfect family bathroom. But despite the fact en suites usually get more use by the adults in the building, for many, they amount to little more than a place to clean their teeth. Your en suite is where you will likely start and end your day, so it should be recognised that time spent here can help to set your mood for achievement or relaxation. This is why setting the right ambience is so important.

Would your en suite space benefit from changes to lift your mood or help you relax? Simple updates such as coordinating his and hers towels or a scented candle or reed diffuser can help the room to look and feel like the personal haven it should be, no matter how compact.

Even within the smallest of spaces, a clever lighting set up can help to set a desired ambience. A star-studded ceiling created with LEDs can make for a more restful late-night shower, while a lit bathroom mirror can help to brighten a room and make morning grooming easier.

Sentimental Displays

It’s not just the décor that can help to set the tone in an intimate bathroom. This is the spot where your favourite bathroom cosmetics can be put safely on display away from little hands. Beautiful perfume and cologne bottles can be bathroom accessories in their own right, but why not take the opportunity to remember some treasured couple moments too?

An en suite will mostly only be used by those in the adjoining bedroom. This makes it the perfect place to share special memories with your partner. Decorate alcove shelving with items collected on your travels or hang a special photo canvas print on the wall. For example; the en suite is a great spot for a favourite wedding or engagement photo. Perhaps you could fit in a vase to display flowers? Want to work on your stress levels? Try and find a spot for an indoor plant if you can. Choose a succulent like aloe vera, which will help clean the air as well as adding colour and texture. This variety of plant thrives in humid environments and doesn’t mind low lighting, so it’ll make itself perfectly at home in a little corner of an en suite.

Prioritise Your Routine

In a family bathroom, safety and practicality are usually the main design priorities. This may mean that you had to ditch the roll top bath to accommodate a power shower or that your beautiful bath organiser has made way for bath toy storage. In your en suite you have free rein to style around your own routine. So, what’s stopping you?

Want to spend more time with your other half? His and her wash basins are a really cute couple centric bathroom trend. If you’ve space, an en suite with dedicated dressing table can be as much a place for quiet contemplation as it is for grooming. Perhaps you could make room for an adjoining meditation area?

An en suite is also somewhere you can express you and your partner’s personal style and hopefully, have a little fun doing so too. Smaller en suites can often carry off statement wall coverings or brighter colours you wouldn’t feel brave enough putting on display elsewhere in your home. Would you love a flamingo themed en suite? Perhaps you’re in love with old school art deco? This is the place to let your personal design preferences shine through!