Famous Artists

Famous pieces of art, and famous artists, along with their unique methods and styles are famous for a reason. They have stood the tests of time and are still hung on walls across the globe, for a reason. In fact, in many cases, there are multiple reasons each of which more valid than the last! The artists and their instantly recognisable works that make up our collection are unique in their artistry and skill. They combine stunning brushwork, eye catching and show stopping figures and characters, colours that burst with life out from the page and designs that turn heads, capture imaginations and captivate the senses! A lot of the pieces in our collection below are hung in some of the most well-known museums and galleries on earth. Why wouldn’t you want to emulate the Louvre whilst showing your guests and your friends how well you know your art?!

Show The World The Art You Love

It is clear that there is something about the art in our catalogue that connects with individuals on an emotional, a spiritual or an intellectual level – or a combination of all three levels! We are also aware that some art just isn’t for everyone, whilst each person has their favourite artist, or a style or a movement that they prefer above all others, whilst some people like a combination of different things. So, if you love the renaissance movement and the art that it exemplifies, the surrealist works that confuse and delight in equal and conflicting measure or the modern realism that reflects the very nature of our evolving society, then we have the canvas print for you. We have a wide range of works from different artists, including but not limited to John William Waterhouse, Wassily Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, and Sandro Botticelli, to name but a few!

Perfect For All Walls And Homes

Our prints and canvas renditions of famous paintings are perfect for all homes. They can fit seamlessly into any collection or function as your first well-known piece to marry and compliment other styles of canvas prints. So if you want an abstract piece for your bedroom, a well known piece of art for your bathroom (we were thinking the Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli – gracing bathrooms everywhere since 2004!) or a Salvador Dali print for your den, we guarantee that you will find the perfect piece for your needs, wants and taste! Here at Panther Print we only use the most advanced techniques to create these prints, which we believe is the very least that these artists deserve. So grab one of our prints today, we won’t be beaten on price or quality.