Famous Icons & Movies

Whether it’s the iconic tableau featuring Marilyn Monroe and her flowing dress on a New York sidewalk, Muhammad Ali towering over the KO-ed Sonny Liston, Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or a Lego Star Wars canvas in high definition colour, our famous movie prints and our famous icon canvas prints are certain to appeal to individuals of all ages, preferences, tastes and styles. The collection that we have amassed here at Panther Print is vast and varied, of undeniable quality and spans genres, time periods, art mediums and generations; consisting of prints, vintage posters, stills and reimaginings. Browse our famous icons and movie canvas prints, below.

Capturing The Moment

Images of celebrities, of famous moments in time and of great movies have long held intrigue for art collectors and newcomers to canvas prints alike. They have the propensity to excite those who view them and can bring a touch of Hollywood history or glamour to any room that they appear within. You can hang a Star Wars canvas print in a room dedicated to the franchise (for the fanatics among us) or a Harry Potter print featuring Hogwarts and Hedwig in a bedroom or a lounge – the choice is entirely up to you. Whether you are into the classics, or like the modern films of the day; we are certain that we stock what you are looking for.

Famous For Good Reason

The famous icons and movie prints that we stock are famous for good reason. They encapsulate Hollywood history or reframe an iconic moment – whatever print you decide to choose we want you to be able to tell your version of the story. Each and every one of our prints are designed to be a showstopper, from Tupac and Batman to Storm Troopers and Bruce Lee – own your own small piece of movie history or bask in the glory of the majestic Muhammad Ali. Wherever you decide to place your new canvas print, you’ll start conversations.